Our cookies are available in a variety of sizes: tea cookies, classic, and extra large. Please inquire for pricing!

LEMON TEA COOKIES. Sharp, lemony flavor packed into a little, buttery cookie.

DRIED CHERRY AND ALMOND COOKIES with VANILLA ICING. A very special cookie, bursting with organic dried cherries and almonds, topped with a drizzle of vanilla icing. 

VANILLA SAND COOKIES. Warm, nutty, buttery and delicious. Guaranteed to be loved by all. 


THUMBPRINT COOKIES. Rolled in nuts and filled with locally made Maine jam. Tasty and gorgeous!

KATE’S MOLASSES GINGER COOKIES. Soft and sweet with just the right amount of spice. Truly irresistible! 

SALTY DOGS. Cornmeal, chocolate chunks and golden raisins add an extraordinary mix of flavors and textures. Steve’s favorite! 

BEST SUGAR COOKIES IN TOWN.  We make them in a variety of shapes and sizes, and decorated with royal icing or sprinkles for every occasion.

CHOCOLATE CHIP. Our version of this classic is big, chewy, and loaded with chocolate. 

CHOCOLATE CHIP (GLUTEN FREE). A classic made with rice flour. Taste and texture is just like the “real” thing!

COCONUT MACAROONS (GLUTEN FREE). Our family recipe is unbelievably flavorful! Available in 3 flavors: original, chocolate chip, and chocolate dipped. Perfect with afternoon tea.

FUDGY KISSES (GLUTEN FREE). Tastes just as it sounds! Chocolatey and decadent.


CHOCOLATE TOFFEE BISCOTTI                                             $1.75 Rich and chocolatey with melty chunks of chocolate and homemade toffee. Irresistible!     

ALMOND BISCOTTI                                                                   $1.75 Sliced almonds and a little bit of brandy make these biscotti crunchy and delectable. 


TOFFEE BROWNIES                                                                   $4.00 Our signature bar! A rich fudge brownie filled and topped with our homemade toffee. Over the top delicious…                               

NINA’S OATMEAL FUDGE BARS                                             $4.00 Another winner! A rich, smooth fudge fills these delicious oatmeal crumble bars creating an irresistible combination of smooth and crunchy textures.     

BLONDIES                                                                                    $3.00 Incredibly rich with a warm, butterscotch flavor, brown sugar, and tons of walnuts.                      

ESPRESSO BROWNIES                                                              $3.00 A dense fudge brownie with hints of espresso.     

PEPPERMINT BROWNIES                                                         $3.50 Our classic brownie recipe topped with melted Andes mints and crumbled candy cane.          

JAMBERRY BARS (VEGAN)                                                     $3.50 A vegan oatmeal bar filled with jam and fresh berries.       

LEMON BARS                                                                              $3.50 One of our signatures. Buttery shortbread with a fresh lemon filling, topped with snow white icing sugar. Refreshing, sweet, and perfectly tart. 

KENNEBEC BARS                                                                       $3.00 A rich, buttery vanilla shortbread crust topped with chocolate. A “grown up candy bar.” One of our classics!

Whoopie Pies

NICK’S PUMPKIN WHOOPIE PIES                                            4.50 Fluffy, rich cream cheese filling sandwiched between layers of moist pumpkin cake. One bite and you know these were award winners, two years running!

CHOCOLATE WHOOPIE PIES                                                   $4.50 Fluffy vanilla frosting fill these moist, chocolate cakes. BIG flavor. Jake’s favorite! 


Our cakes are available in a variety of sizes: 8 inch, 9 inch, and 10 inch. Please inquire for pricing!  

MOM’S CARROT CAKE                                         9 inch……$40.00 Moist, chock full of carrots and nuts, and perfectly spiced. Topped with clouds of lightly sweetened cream cheese frosting.                  

GERMAN CHOCOLATE CAKE                              8 inch……$40.00 Two layers of moist chocolate cake filled and finished with a rich, homemade coconut pecan frosting.                           

KINGS CREEK VANILLA CRANBERRY CAKE  8 inch……$40.00 Two layers of moist vanilla cake filled and frosted with mousseline buttercream. Filled and topped with sugared cranberries, locally harvested from Northeast Creek.                                 

CLASSIC CHOCOLATE CAKE                              8 inch……$38.00 CLASSIC VANILLA CAKE                                     8 inch……$38.00 Two layers of chocolate or vanilla cake filled and frosted with your choice of vanilla or chocolate buttercream. 

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY CAKE                        8 inch……$40.00 Two layers of deep, dark chocolate cake filled with raspberry preserves and covered with rich, dark chocolate ganache. Finished with fresh raspberries. 

SPICE CAKE WITH MAPLE FROSTING              8 inch……$38.00 A delicious pairing of flavors! Two layers of flavorful cake spiced with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, then filled and frosted with Maine maple syrup buttercream.   

BUCKEYE BUNDT CAKE                                                        $32.00 For the chocolate & peanut butter lovers! Cut into this moist chocolate cake to discover a ring of peanut butter surprise. Topped with a chocolate peanut butter glaze. Rich and delicious.                                                     


PUMPKIN PIE                                                                            $20.00 The walnut crust makes this iconic Thanksgiving classic truly unique and special.     

FRUIT PIES                                                                                 $20.00 Fresh, local fruit nestled in our flaky, buttery pie crust. Choose from blueberry, apple, strawberry, rhubarb, and raspberry as well as any combination!     

CARAMEL CREAM PIE                                                            $22.00 A thick layer of rich, creamy homemade caramel is layered between a graham cracker crust and mountains of whipped cream, then sprinkled with toffee heath bar crumbles. 

CHOCOLATE CREAM PIE                                                       $24.00 Rich layers of chocolate pudding and ganache are layered between a graham cracker crust and mountains of whipped cream.

Morning Treats

MUMZY’S SOUR CREAM COFFEE CAKE   Whole $28.00 slice $3 A rich, buttery bundt cake, filled and sprinkled with a cinnamon sugar nut mixture. Just like Mom would make!           

BLUEBERRY CRUMB CAKE                     Whole $30.00 slice $3.00 A classic. Our yummy, moist coffee cake is bursting with wild Maine blueberries. The streusel topping is buttery and crumbly, a perfect compliment to the sweet berries.               

BUTTERMILK CURRANT SCONES                                         $3.50 Buttery and flaky with just the right amount of sweetness, and studded with currants.      

BLUEBERRY MUFFINS                                                              $3.00 Chock full of wild Maine blueberries. Other flavors available. 

PUMPKIN CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS                                $3.00 Pumpkin + Chocolate = Perfection!